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Gold Crown Milk

Milk that loves you

Social Media Management for fast moving consumer goods.

We developed a digital marketing strategy that was tailored to create awareness of the Gold crown Lactose Free range while educating people on the health benefits of milk. We aimed to increase the brand love on digital platforms by creating appealing graphic content and inspiring video content that raised awareness of the products, which resulted in an increase of followers on all social media platforms.

The Problem

Brand awareness and Visibility. The online consumer had no knowledge of the existence of Gold crown’s Lactose free product range or their health benefits.

The Big Idea

Creating an informed and consistent brand awareness strategy that Keeps the brand top of mind with both current & potential audiences. From this, the Gold Crown brand would experience an Increased word of mouth marketing, brand equity, Increased customer loyalty and an increase in brand engagement.

The Solution

We created an engaging digital marketing campaign relative to the online target audience for the Gold Crown Lactose-Free brand, tailored to increase brand awareness and consumer visibility.