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New Look For A Logistics Company

New Look For A Logistics Company

Polygon Logistics Limited is a clearing and forwarding company that was incorporated in 2010. They provide a wide range of logistical solutions to organizations and individuals with an aim to demonstrate and live by a performance-driven culture, communicate transparently while paying attention to detail.  Kijani was tasked with redesigning the client’s existing website in order to make it more professional, user-friendly, and credible.

The Problem

There was a need to develop a website that would establish the brand presence, improve the outlook, establish brand credibility, and improve on the user journey.

The Big Idea

Kijani was tasked with creating a website that would elevate the logistics company’s brand presence, portray it as trustworthy in its field and attract new Global partnerships.

The Solution

We developed a new website that offered better navigation, a simpler user interface and faster loading speeds for logistic users.