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Adapting to the future legal services consumers

Law Firm Marketing Strategy and website development adapting to future legat services consumers

The client is an estabished law firm based in Kenya with over 18 years of practice. Founded by four reknowned practitioners, the firm has a vision for longevity and sought to switch the focus from the founding partners to directing it towards a stronger, lasting brand name. The client’s need was a website that would be adaptable to the future legal services consumers while retaining the familiarity with the current consumers. Understanding the emerging customer relationship trends, the site needed to allow visitors to interact with their potential legal representatives directly.

The Problem

Online visibility. We live in a digital era where it is critical for a company to have a digital presence to increase its brand awareness.

The Big Idea

The main idea was to create a website that boosts the company’s corporate credibility and trust by  making it more visible online. We also wanted to construct a user-friendly website that offered a seamless, client-centered experience that educated and helped customers while also establishing strong relationships and portraying the organization as experts in their field.

The Solution

Establishing brand awareness by designing a website that clearly describes and showcases the company’s work attracting a broader audience while placing the company at the fore front.