Kijani Collective


Who We Are

Kijani is a Swahili word that means a single leaf, click to watch our brand video and get to know us better.

“We are a growing company"

As a digital agency in Kenya, design is at the heart of what we do, and we use all of the tools at our disposal to build a visual roadmap for your brand’s or company’s growth and provide digital strategy. We employ design thinking to imagine your ideal consumer journey and create the tools you’ll need. We then follow up with cutting-edge digital solutions that generate leads, raise awareness, and establish a long-term relationship between you and your target audience in the digital space of your choice.

We love to keep the spotlight on you by managing your digital communication to maintain and grow your digital footprint. Our Kaizen work culture makes all this possible: embracing constant improvement and using data and analytics to constantly innovate. We don’t standstill.


Our Vision is to create an organization that strives Toward the growth of each individual through harnessing both skills and life development.

At Kijani we believe success is created through conscious choice. It is the inevitable consequence of superior decision-making. Anyone can be successful.


At Kijani you get to come to work each day to positively influence the team with an open mind and genuine heart. We focus on excellence at everything we do and our desire to grow shapes our company culture and definitely impacts on our bottom line.


A dedicated & creative team

We are creative, individually accomplished, and purpose-driven marketers who have a shared vision for the future of marketing in a digital world. Our mantra is to constantly level up our mastery in our chosen fields while promoting a culture of diversity.

Kijani believes every individual should not and cannot limit themselves to a singular role. As a result, team members are encouraged to possess a wide range of skills growing our individual and collective creativity and production.

Jeff Liboyi

Creative Director

James I Salamba

Business Director

Rhoda Salamba

Account Manager

Jack McKenzie

Art Director

King Muli


Owen Muchikha