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Welcome Onboard...

Click to watch our onboarding video for some helpful tips to get us started.

Welcome to Kijani,

We are excited to have you onboard. At Kijani, we are committed to keep the spotlight on you by managing your digital communication to maintain and grow your digital footprint. Our Kaizen work culture makes all this possible: embracing constant improvement and using data and analytics to constantly innovate. We don’t standstill.

In our onboarding process we have 3 main steps and in each step is a breakdown of activities.


  • In this step, we identify your struggles and possible solutions
  • We help you define big-picture campaign goals
  • Lastly, we agree on multiple deliverables and gather the information we will require to achieve the set goals.

After Signing...

  • We schedule a discovery call

Kick-off Call

  • We are ready to start!

    In the kick-off call/ meeting:

    • We revisit the deliverables.
    • Collect more information about your internal process and our process.
    • Set the cadence for communication
    • Lastly, we outline action items for both parties.

You can play your part, to help us hasten the on boarding process, click on the link below and attach the requested information, for a smoother on boarding process. See you on the other side!

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