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Coca-Cola took advertising to a whole new level by promoting Coke Zero in an unexpected way! It\’s not the sight, nor the sound, but the taste that is promoted on its latest campaign, creating a “drinkable billboard”.


Their goal was to pour Coke Zero to a wide audience all over the country, creating the first “drinkable commercial”. 

Why Was This Ad Successful? 

Experiential marketing. They did not just create an ad, they created an experience. In order to make more people try Coke Zero, they built a billboard that serves the drink to thousands of fans. 


This ad worked because it brought the experience wherever you were with a free coke that you could renew in any retail store. Whether a consumer used Shazam to claim their drink or saw the billboard, the campaign was successful in capturing the attention of the public. 

Even a tweet that poured Coke Zero was enough to bring a Coke into people’s hands, and that’s how the whole campaign turned into a creative idea to promote an already popular product, in a very effective and modern way. 


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