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Video Production

TripleOKLaw LLP

In celebrating the annual customer service week, we created a series of brand videos highlighting the importance good customer service within the legal industry. Senior stakeholders were engaged to give their guidance on legal service in the industry as well as to showcase the firm as going over and above in their client service.

Video Production

Gumbo & associates

Gumbo Associates needed a representation that summarises who they are. Adapting to the quickly involving digital media consumption, we created the video welcoming the world into their offices and meant to be shareable on digital channels.

Video Production

Carol Musyoka Consulting

Carol Musyoka Consulting is a leading corporate governance and strategy consultancy. We developed unique promotional videos that showcased their new office premises and created awareness of the consultancy services on digital platforms.

Video Production

Adara Cosmedics

Adara Cosmetics is a cutting edge cosmetic therapy provider that needed to simplify their messaging for potential consumers at their entry to market stage. By summarising a nd visualising various procedures, we created a set of educational videos that helped consumers understand what to expect.