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Celebrate Every Milestone with An Effective Landing Page

Celebrating important milestones can get lost in there especially when you are not sure whether there is a right & a wrong way to do it.

However, creating a landing page is one of the best ways to mark a big milestone because it converts more traffic and allows you to focus on one goal or a specific call to action by providing information about the specific product & service. In this case, silver jubilee in the legal industry.

The Problem

There was no strategy on how to mark 25 years anniversary for Igeria & Ngugi advocates.

The Big Idea

We wanted to tell Igeria’s brand story visually & creatively. So, we set out to create a campaign “Experience Our Journey” where we tell the story of 25 years. Our main goal was to take people on a journey of what commitment to providing solutions looks like visually. We created videos and a landing page.

Visual marketing was not focused on selling the firm but the experience around the firm; attaching an emotion of belonging by showing the dynamics of what it has taken to get to 25 years of providing solutions.

The Solution

We created a marketing strategy that told the journey of 25 years visually. We also designed a simple landing page to keep the visitor focused on the big goal without distraction. It was all about marking a big milestone—the Silver Jubilee.