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Building A legacy With An Interactive & Creative Website

The client is a specialist Project Management and Process Optimisation company within the food manufacturing sector, with a drive to provide the best first-class and forward-thinking engineering solution for our clients. Based in the UK the company’s  primary goal is to develop and mentor young engineers. Their need was to have an “out of the ordinary” website that would introduce the company to the world; allowing diverse groups of people to get a general idea of their services, target market, and unique strengths while also positioning them at the forefront of the food engineering industry. 

The Problem

Brand awareness. The client needed to establish its company’s credibility while also create a platform of opportunities that would appeal to the young engineers.

The Big Idea

We set out to create an interactive, creative website that not only communicates the company’s story but also appeals to the young engineers, who are the client’s unique selling proposition. As opposed to developing a boring website, we expressed creativity by developing superheroes as a representation for the young engineers, demonstrating that at Legacy of Sid, you are more than just another engineer—you are a hero.

The Solution

We created an extraordinary website that positions the client different from the competitors and highlights their Unique Selling Point which is appealing to young engineers.