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An African Adventure  

An African Adventure


Diving into the heart of Africa with a family-owned tour company

Lion and Bear Tours is a family-owned business that organizes tours in Kenya. They take their clients on experiences soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of untamed wilderness, learning about new cultures, and rediscovering the wonder of Africa.

The Problem

Online presence.

There was a need for an online presence that would connect the brand to a vast audience who rely on the Internet for travel planning and bookings.

The Big Idea

To design and develop a website that will be more than just a digital brochure, but also a vital tool for marketing, and customer engagement, while establishing credibility in the competitive travel industry.

The Solution

We designed a dynamic platform that showcases the diverse tour offerings, enabling potential customers to explore destinations, itineraries, and unique experiences from the comfort of their homes. With an online presence, the client has a 24/7 storefront, enabling them to reach a global audience, build brand credibility, and streamline the booking process.