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Effective Strategy, Successful results.

Digital marketing strategy is one of the most effective tools of increasing brand recognition, visibility, and reach. It is widely used by businesses and individuals to spread publicity, build loyal customer bases, and generate revenue, all with tailored strategies based on the industry. Maiyan, a luxury country resort located in Nanyuki, Kenya is a great example of how we curated a social media marketing strategy that drove more direct bookings that translated into revenue. It all started with a fresh look to their digital journey. 

The Landing Page

We created an interactive booking page that was focused on selling the experience while providing information on specific offers of this luxurious gem. Strategic use of search engine optimization (S.E.O) to the landing page boosted consistent visibility and recognition of the brand that could be tracked. From zero to 1.4K visits, 792 clicks within one month. Organic search was the highest at 66.9%, followed by direct access at 22.4%.

Social Media Platforms

By staying consistent with their presence on social media, and understanding the needs of their target audience, we created engaging content and visuals that resulted in interactive experiences. Through careful curation, we were able to effectively communicate with their patrons, creating contemporary and exciting digital experiences. All communication was linked to the booking landing page, resulting in increased web traffic and more bookings.

Sample Content

For the content, we used Maiyan’s brand voice that is personable and friendly to engage with their target customer. This tone helped to develop trust and reassurance with potential clients, making it easier for Maiyan to build relationships with their target market.

Social Media Stats

Their social media reach increased by an average of 100% in one month. This was a direct result of the engagement strategy, which involved posting interesting and shareable content on a regular basis and consistent interaction with their followers. This helped to create a strong sense of community around their brand.