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The world is changing, so is our behaviors and buying trends. Today, a large number of people make their purchasing decisions by searching for things on the internet. This trend has increased the importance of having a effective marketing strategy that work. The first impression is the last. You have a few seconds to grab the attention of visitors, visiting your social media channels, engage them, then driving traffic to your digital funnel to convert them to a customer. We went on a journey to tell the story of Maiyan, a luxury country resort in Nanyuki, Kenya. We gave it a fresh, exciting, and contemporary look making the user-journey friendly and easy to increase direct bookings on their digital channels.

The Problem

New look. We started by revisiting the brand identity, website redesigns are a perfect time to revamp the digital brand identity and optimize the brands’ digital performance with relevant hashtags and keywords to ensure the website’s content matches what users are searching for and what they can find when they arrive.

The Big Idea

The main goal was to tell the story of Maiyan that would fuel your wanderlust. We wanted to create an experiential emotion it being a place to call home away from home. To showcase thier 5-star services, we chose to emphasize Maiyan as the destination to come to, a place of relaxation, soul-searching, and creating meaningful memories. The narrative we told was that it’s magical and real.

The Solution

We created a digital funnel that was focused on one goal, to sell the experience while providing information on specific offers of this luxurious gem. We drew visitors from social media channels and S.E.O through beautifully designed social media posts that help us to communicate effectively with the targeted audience making the landing page the main booking engine.