Kijani Collective

Management by Inspiration


We all need to feel inspired and engaged to do our jobs well. Management by inspiration focuses on each individual employee, while also placing great emphasis on the company’s mission and values. Don\’t be a tyrant boss, it only increases the turnover. Instead, create an environment that opens up their creativity and supports them in doing that work to the best of their abilities while encouraging them to keep learning and growing.

Another great key to remember is people are not numbers. Your ability to inspire behavioral change in others comes from more than numbers and incentives. It comes from who you are, where you have come from, and what your message is to the world and to your team. Lead from there and you will inspire multitudes that you may never even meet. 

This way, you not only build up a dynamic company but also a team committed to the purpose and vision of the company.

Here\’s An Example Of How Management By Inspiration Changed A Business

Be a legend and create a legacy.