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Nanyuki Prime Cuts

Ni Nyama Ya Ranch

A flavorful adventure through social media marketing

A flavorful adventure where tradition meets innovation, and together, redefine the way you experience meat. With the heritage of Nanyuki Prime Cuts, a butchery in Syokimau, we are igniting a culinary journey like no other, inviting the target audience to discover the sizzle within every premium cut of meat.

The Problem

Brand awareness and Visibility.

Nanyuki Prime Cuts was a gem waiting to be discovered. They needed to unlock their potential for growth and customer engagement by bringing their heritage, quality ranch meat, and offerings to the forefront.

The Big Idea

The big idea revolved around the artistry of butchery and the stories that each succulent slice tells. It is not just about selling meat; crafting experiences, from farm to table through captivating visuals, customer experiences, Nanyuki Prime Cuts expertise, and exclusive online offers.


The Solution​

By leveraging the popularity and wide reach of WhatsApp and Instagram platforms, we developed a social media marketing strategy with well-crafted messaging and visuals that effectively communicated the brand’s story and products, fostering an engaged and loyal following

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