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Volvo\’s epic split marketing campaign is an illustration of a well-done multilevel marketing campaign. When people think about trucks, usually the first thing that comes to mind is big, massive things that sometimes disturb the flow of traffic and are usually kind of dirty as sometimes. And you won’t wake up the next morning thinking ‘ I really want to buy a truck. So, the question was how do you get people worldwide to talk about trucks? And how do you get truckers interested in driving them?  

For Volvo Trucks, the answer was: think big. 

Why was the campaign successful?


They focused on a multi-level storytelling approach to cut across lots of different audiences and appeal emotionally. Volvo created an ad that was relevant and content that targeted humans and not buyers.

Emotion is a powerful way to convey product benefits. Volvo wanted experienced truck drivers to be amazed by the precision of the driving while others could be amazed by the spectacular demonstration. 


The video is tremendously exciting, but it still shows the brand products while maintaining calmness and attention to detail, and simplicity like no other.

The Epic Split