Kijani Collective


An online presence that attracts a broader audience.

A Law Firm with A Heritage of Excellence

As one of the top law firms in Kenya, Ahmednasir Abdullahi Advocates LLP required an online presence that will showcase its vast heritage of excellence. The client required a website that reflected the elegance, inclusion, professionalism, and driving force behind the firm’s success. In today’s convenient customer relationship trends, the site needed to allow users to engage directly with their potential legal counsel.

The Problem

Brand visibility and awareness.

As the world adapts to a hybrid way of living, having the ability to be found anywhere online is fundamental across different marketing channels. That is what we aimed for.

The Big Idea

The objective was to create an online identity with an interactive website representing the firm’s experience, expertise, and excellence in service delivery. We intended to design a website that mirrored the personality of the firm as client-centric, inclusive, innovative, inviting, and futuristic.

The Solution

We created a digital footprint to increase brand awareness and visibility. Showcased the firm’s services and team of professionals capable of providing sound legal advice. At the same time, attracting a diverse group of potential clients.