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Run Kenya

Website development to Run Kenya

Enda is the first sportwear brand to fully manufacture sports shoes in Kenya with an intention to increase fairness, justice, and equality among the communities that help assemble their products. Kijani was challenged to design an ecommerce website that would assist Enda expand globally, raise brand awareness, and educate the global running community on running skills from the home of great athletes; providing a link between Africa and the rest of the world.

The Problem

There was a need to build the brand’s presence in order to increase credibility and grow the business both locally and globally.

The Big Idea

We aimed at creating a website that would build the company’s online presence while also growing its brand awareness; making it easy for potential customers to recognize the brand, gain access to it, and place orders from anywhere in the world.

The Solution

Creating a user-friendly ecommerce website that is not only accessible to the local market, but also to the upmarket market, with the purpose of growing the brand globally, gaining new insights, acquiring loyal consumers, educating on Kenyan athletic culture and ultimately increasing sales.