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Legacy of Sid

Leaving a lasting impression on your targeted clientele

Establishing a Legacy Business

Legacy of Sid LTD is a specialist Project Management and Process Optimisation company within the food manufacturing sector, with a drive to provide the best first-class and forward-thinking engineering solution for our clients. The client is a UK-based firm whose primary goal is to develop and mentor young engineers.

The client’s need was to have a company profile that would introduce the company allowing diverse groups of people to get a general idea of their products or services, target market, and unique strengths while also positioning them at the forefront of their competitors in the industry.

The Problem

There were big gaps in clearly defining who the brand is and what you stand for to the targeted audience. It goes beyond the brand facts to communicating a distinct image.

The Big Idea

Our main idea was to create a company profile that tells the company’s story in a distinctive way, showing its unique strength and serves as a holistic definition of the firm’s value offering to potential and existing clients. A profile that would aid in brand positioning as well as demonstrating the firm’s effectiveness in meeting client’s needs.

The Solution​

We created a unique company profile to act as a complementary material that can be used to persuade potential clients to do business with the firm leveling it up to an even larger audience.

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