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An Escape To Nature

Experience the wonders of nature with digital advertising

An ecolodge destination that dunks you in tranquility and sparks your adventure. Every moment spent at Naro Moru River Lodge immerses guests in the wonders of nature, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and a renewed appreciation for the beauty and serenity that the lodge offers. It’s an Escape To Nature.

The Problem

Brand Visibility.

The brand needed to voice out the uniqueness of their lodge and attract environmentally conscious travelers seeking sustainable accommodation options, and adventure. The challenge was to establish a distinct online presence that communicates the lodge’s commitment to eco-friendly experiences.

The Big Idea

To tell a story that is compelling to the target audience elaborating on the eco lifestyle, mountain climbing excursions, the nature surrounding Naro Moru River Lodge, and its beauty.

The Solution

We developed a landing page for their packages and ran Google Ads campaign in conjunction with search engine optimization (S.E.O) of the packages. In addition, guided the social media messaging and posting criteria to align with the online advertising.