Kijani Collective


NC South

Leave a lasting impression on your targeted clientele.

Motion Graphic Videos to spread the word of God.

We developed a digital marketing strategy that was tailored to increase the church audience through a digital platform. By increasing reach through social media, we were able to “bring the unchurched to church” through carefully curated content that was designed to drive traffic to the Youtube channel where the church sermons were displayed.

Social media content

With 21.7 Million Kenyan’s being on social media, we used carefully curated content to reach to the unchurched.

Motion Graphic Videos

We created snippets from the sermons delivered every Sunday at the church and gave them an appealing twist but adding motion graphic elements designed to capture the audience attention.

Youtube Video Marketing

The audience was then led on to Youtube to watch the full Sermon which encouraged the audience to attend the church physically which  resulted in more Church followers.