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A Professional New Look For A Sacco In The Diaspora

A Professional New Look For A Sacco In The Diaspora

This is a Sacco based in the United Kingdom whose mission is to help Kenyans in the Diaspora achieve their financial goals and enjoy the fruits of the cooperative movement. Kijani was tasked with revamping their existing website into a professional, user-friendly website that portrays the Sacco as credible, reliable, and trustworthy, while also prioritizing their customers by making services easily available.

The Problem

The Sacco’s previous website did not portray Stoke as credible or trustworthy. The site was also difficult to use, making it difficult for clients to contact them, making it nearly impossible to maintain and attract new consumers.

The Big Idea

We aimed at recreating a website that would portray Stoke United Kingdom as a professional, reliable, credible, and trustworthy Sacco to current users and future prospects.

The Solution

Developing a website that meets the needs of customers and establishes customer loyalty through a professional appearance. We also attempted to improve the user journey by making it easy and straightforward to navigate, making it simple for both existing and new users to find the services they might require.